In8Sync WooCommerce NetSuite Plugin
Discover Shopify DirectConnect – the best NetSuite Shopify integration on market!
  • Shopify NetSuite integration supports both retail and wholesale eCommerce for Shopify and Shopify Plus

  • Fully installed in NetSuite (no external integration platform to learn/manage)

  • Pre-built connector comes ready to use out-of-the-box with customizable add-ons

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Key Features
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Benefits of In8Sync’s NetSuite Shopify Integration

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Key Features of In8Sync’s Shopify NetSuite Integration

In8Sync Shopify NetSuite Integration

No external integration platform to learn. Shopify NetSuite connector is hosted fully in NetSuite, saving you time, money, and headaches

Sync customers bi-directionally between Shopify and NetSuite in real-time

Manage your Shopify products directly from NetSuite

Sync your product inventory from NetSuite to Shopify, custom-scheduled based on your individual needs

Sync orders from Shopify to NetSuite on a scheduled basis with In8Sync’s NetSuite Shopify connector

Sync any item type from NetSuite to Shopify, including assembly, service, inventory and more

Tracking information automatically updates to Shopify from NetSuite

NetSuite Shopify integration lets you manage promotions in NetSuite and automatically send them to Shopify

Refund information automatically syncs from NetSuite to Shopify

Utilize the standard Shopify and NetSuite Gift Certificate functions

Prevent high-risk orders from syncing from Shopify to NetSuite

Utilize your NetSuite marketing and support forms in your Shopify website

When syncing products from NetSuite to Shopify, you can select which price levels to assign to your products

Custom map items, orders, fulfillments, customers, and more between Shopify and NetSuite using our custom mapping fields

If any data anomalies arise in the NetSuite Shopify integration, In8Sync’s team gets notified and addresses the issue – you will also get a notification to keep you in the loop

Sync tiered pricing for products based on order quantities

Sync products, inventories, orders and fulfillments in multiple currencies

Sync multiple products from NetSuite to Shopify simultaneously

Automatically reconcile Shopify fees, payments and deposits in your NetSuite account

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Add-Ons & Advanced Features

*Add-Ons & Advanced Features The following sync add-ons are priced separately from the NetSuite Shopify connector, and quoted based upon the amount of time required to configure
Multiple Site Support Connect as many Shopify sites to NetSuite as you need.
Multi-Currency Support Enable multi currency between Shopify and NetSuite
Narvar Using Narvar in Shopify? Automatically have those returns/exchanges create corresponding records in NetSuite, and update Shopify. Manage your customers post purchase experience directly from NetSuite using Narvar.
Transaction Reconciliation Reconcile fees, payments and deposits automatically.
Lead Forms Utilize your NetSuite marketing, leads and support case forms directly in Shopify.
Price Level Support Sync multiple price levels to Shopify and assign to customers directly in NetSuite.
Quantity Pricing Sync quantity based pricing from NetSuite to Shopify.
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NetSuite Shopify Connector

Want to learn more about our Shopify DirectConnect solution? Download the In8Sync Shopify NetSuite integration data sheet.

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We use In8Sync for several e-commerce integrations and advance NetSuite scripting to help automate our business process, and reduce manual labor. We have been so satisfied with their work, we continually have them develop and implement new features in our NetSuite instance.

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