Lightspeed NetSuite Integration

In8Sync’s Lightspeed POS DirectConnect is a fully-featured, out-of-the-box solution to natively and seamlessly integrate a company’s NetSuite applications with its Lightspeed POS system. With In8Sync as your NetSuite Integration Partner, there are no system constraints on the way you do business. While other solutions run on an external integration platform, In8Sync Lightspeed POS DirectConnect is natively built into NetSuite. This offers superior system performance, dramatically reduces the time and skill required to manage the system, and saves a lot of money.

Lightspeed NetSuite Integration

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  • Bi-directional syncing: real-time, on-demand, scheduled

  • Multi-store support

  • Multi-location support

  • Multi-register support

  • Configurable mappings

  • Notifications

  • Customizable


  • Multi-location filters

  • Support for all item types

  • Stock levels per location

  • Item/product sync

  • Gift certificate support

  • Inventory transfers

  • Fully automated


  • Transaction type based upon payment method: cash sale / invoice, with optional sales order support

  • Simple mapping of discounts, payment methods and other transaction related fields

  • Refunds, exchanges and store credit support

  • Configurable mappings based on current forms


  • Bi-directional customer sync

  • Filter customers by store

  • Credit memo / store credit support

  • On-account support

  • Existing customer search

  • Walk in (retail) customer support

  • Gift certificate support

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Looking for more info about In8Sync’s Lightspeed DirectConnect solution? Download our Lightspeed NetSuite Integration Data Sheet.