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Directly Connecting NetSuite & eBay!

eBay is one of many robust In8Sync DirectConnect applications that seamlessly connect NetSuite workflows with Marketplaces like eBay.

eBay is natively built into NetSuite – the only required software for the integration. In8Sync’s simple solution bridges the gap with automatic
*Full API & file transfer bi-directional data sync.

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eBay | Marketplaces NetSuite Connector Flows

Inbound Flows

Orders | eBay -> NetSuite

The process of managing eBay orders and fulfillment has been simplified with the development of a powerful flow that syncs order data from eBay to NetSuite. This flow enables businesses to manage their eBay orders from their NetSuite ERP system by creating new sales orders for new eBay orders, and updating existing sales orders for any changes in eBay orders. The flow is scheduled to import eBay orders, providing businesses with the flexibility to manage and fulfill orders in a timely manner. Additionally, the flow is designed to match line items by SKU or eBay ID, particularly for listings that are synced from NetSuite items, to ensure that the order fulfillment process is accurate and efficient. With this flow, businesses can effectively manage their eBay orders and improve their fulfillment processes.

Zendesk NetSuite Integration Flowchart

Outbound Flows

Items | NetSuite -> eBay | A powerful flow has been designed to streamline the process of syncing item data between NetSuite and eBay, enabling businesses to efficiently manage and update their eBay listings from their NetSuite item records. This flow offers a wide range of field mapping options, including SKU, title, description, price, and image URLs. Additionally, businesses can choose to sync data on create/edit, on-demand, or through a scheduled process. The flow can also seamlessly integrate inventory data, providing critical information such as Available Quantity and Package Weight. For businesses with multiple locations, the flow includes a setting that allows for mapping of multi-location data and calculation of total quantity.

Stock Levels | NetSuite -> eBay | This flow has been developed to address the need for accurate and up-to-date inventory levels on eBay, by syncing inventory levels from NetSuite to eBay. This enables businesses to stay on top of their inventory levels, ensuring that the available quantity of each item on eBay is accurate and up to date. The flow can be configured to sync inventory levels at regular intervals and is scheduled for optimal performance, taking into consideration eBay API limitations that do not allow real-time syncing.

Price Levels | NetSuite -> eBay | Efficiently managing and updating pricing levels for eBay listings has become easier with the development of a flow that syncs price levels from NetSuite items to eBay listings. This provides businesses with the flexibility to select a price level to use and enables regular price updates based on a predetermined schedule. Furthermore, the flow is seamlessly integrated with stock level sync, providing businesses with the capability to manage both pricing and inventory levels simultaneously on eBay. Businesses can confidently manage and update their eBay listings with the most up-to-date pricing information.

Shipping | NetSuite -> eBay | Seamlessly integrate tracking numbers and carrier details into eBay orders, enabling buyers to track their orders and receive timely notifications. With the capability to sync in real-time upon create/edit or through a scheduled process, businesses can effectively manage their shipping processes for eBay orders. This flow provides businesses with the flexibility to manage their shipping processes in a timely manner, improving the overall customer experience and ensuring that shipping information is accurate and up to date.

Out of the Box Capabilities

eBay | Marketplaces NetSuite Resources

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No External Platform or Middleware

eBay offers superior system performance while dramatically reducing the TIME and SKILL required to manage; saving your business MONEY and RESOURCES.

While many other solutions run on an Expensive External Platform, aka an Middleware, In8Sync’s efficient DirectConnect bundles are natively built into and fully hosted in NetSuite.

In8Sync’s agile approach allows for More Money to be re-invested in New and Improved Products & Features


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About Ebay

eBay is a popular online marketplace that connects millions of buyers and sellers worldwide, offering a wide range of products and services, from electronics and fashion to collectibles and antiques. Founded in 1995, eBay provides an online platform that facilitates the buying and selling of goods through auction-style listings or fixed-price listings. eBay has become a household name and a go-to destination for many consumers and businesses around the world, offering a simple and convenient way to buy and sell products online.

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FINAL POS is natively built for and runs 100% within the client’s NetSuite account.  The Perfect Solution for your NetSuite POS Needs.

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