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Directly Connecting NetSuite & Barrett Distribution!

Barrett Distribution is one of many robust In8Sync DirectConnect applications that seamlessly connect NetSuite workflows with 3PL like Barrett Distribution.

Barrett Distribution is natively built into NetSuite – the only required software for the integration. In8Sync’s simple solution bridges the gap with automatic
*Full API & file transfer bi-directional data sync.

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Barrett Distribution | 3PL NetSuite Connector Flows

Inbound Flows

Item Matching | Barrett Distribution to NetSuite Items

Match existing Barrett Distribution SKU list with NetSuite items. Use the standard item ID field or another field on the NetSuite record to match up the Barrett Distribution SKU with NetSuite items.

Item Fulfillment | Barrett Distribution Shipments to NetSuite

All shipments generated in Barrett Distribution will automatically create item fulfillments records connected to the associated Sales Orders that were synced into Barrett Distribution.

Item Receipt | Barrett Distribution receiving to NetSuite

When Barrett Distribution receives inbound shipments, the integration will automatically create the corresponding item receipt record in NetSuite.

Inventory Variance | Barrett Distribution On Hand Stock to NetSuite

Once a day NetSuite will retrieve a report from Barrett Distribution about On Hand stock levels and generate a report in NetSuite comparing the stock levels between the two systems, giving you the ability to auto generate inventory adjustments.

Vendor Bill | Barrett Distribution billing to NetSuite

Vendor Bills are slated to be supported in a future release once Barrett Distribution supplies the data point.

Outbound Flows

Item Master | NetSuite item list to Barrett Distribution

Create new items in the Barrett Distribution API directly from NetSuite. The item master list can use any item field as a condition to be included.

Sales Order | NetSuite Sales Orders created in Barrett Distribution

NetSuite Sales Orders will automatically sync to Barrett Distribution when the Sales Order location matches the Barrett Distribution location and the order is pending fulfillment.

Purchase Orders | NetSuite PO to Barrett Distribution 

NetSuite Purchase Orders will automatically sync to Barrett Distribution when the location for Barrett Distribution is configured.

Transfer Orders | NetSuite TO to Barrett Distribution 

NetSuite Transfer Orders will automatically sync to Barrett Distribution when the location for Barrett Distribution is configured.

Return Authorization | NetSuite RMA to Barrett Distribution 

When you create a Return Authorization in NetSuite that was fulfilled by Barrett Distribution, the IDC sync will send the RMA to Barrett Distribution to receive the return against the RMA.

International Logistics Group (ILG) NetSuite Integration Flowchart

Out of the Box Capabilities

Barrett Distribution | 3PL NetSuite Resources

Setup Guide
White Paper

No External Platform or Middleware

Barrett Distribution offers superior system performance while dramatically reducing the TIME and SKILL required to manage; saving your business MONEY and RESOURCES.

While many other solutions run on an Expensive External Platform, aka Middleware, In8Sync’s efficient DirectConnect bundles are natively built into and fully hosted in NetSuite.

In8Sync’s agile approach allows for More Money to be re-invested in New and Improved Products & Features


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About Barrett Distribution

Barrett Distribution is a renowned provider of customized third-party logistics (3PL) services, direct-to-consumer (DTC) eCommerce fulfillment, omni-channel distribution, transportation management, and retail compliance to clients across various industries. From apparel & footwear to health & beauty, consumer packaged goods, consumer electronics, food, candy, grocery, and automotive, Barrett has earned a solid reputation for delivering superior execution and customer engagement. As a leading 3PL provider in North America, Barrett offers direct access to senior leadership decision-makers and has a deep understanding of what it takes to achieve success in today’s dynamic business landscape. Whether you are a large corporation or a small business, Barrett’s commitment to excellence and personalized service will help you achieve your goals.

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FINAL POS is natively built for and runs 100% within the client’s NetSuite account.  The Perfect Solution for your NetSuite POS Needs.

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