FINAL POS For NetSuite

In8Sync DirectConnect

Directly Connecting NetSuite & Shipstation!

Shipstation is one of many robust In8Sync DirectConnect applications that seamlessly connect NetSuite workflows with 3pl logistic centers like Shipstation.

Shipstation is natively built into NetSuite – the only required software for the integration. In8Sync’s simple solution bridges the gap with automatic
*Full API & file transfer bi-directional data sync.

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Integration Flows

  • Item Master — NS-> ShipStation
  • Sales Orders – NS → ShipStation
  • Item Fulfillment — ShipStation -> NetSuite
  • Products — ShipStation-> NS
  • Orders — ShipStation-> NS
  • Cancel Orders — ShipStation-> NS

ShipStation 3PL

ShipStation is a 3rd party Logistics company whose WMS software is integrated with NetSuite using the In8Sync DirectConnect software for NetSuite. All configuration and management of your integrations occur within your NetSuite account. There is no external integration software outside of NetSuite involved in the application. ShipStation 3PL app connects directly to ShipStation’s logistics to be integrated and process the data within your NetSuite account.

No External Platform or Middleware

ShipStation 3PL offers superior system performance while dramatically reducing the TIME and SKILL required to manage; saving your business MONEY and RESOURCES.

While many other solutions run on an Expensive External Platform, aka an middleware, In8Sync’s efficient DirectConnect bundles are natively built into and fully hosted in NetSuite.

In8Sync’s agile approach allows for More Money to be re-invested in New and Improved Products & Features

Best way to Connect ShipStation 3PL to NetSuite:

Setup Automatic Bi-Directional Data Sync in 4 Steps

Step 1: Request a Demo from In8Sync

Step 2: Review your Unique Business Data Flows Requirements

Step 3: Agree upon Value-Added Integrations

Step 4: Implement In8Sync DirectConnect Solution

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Connect ShipStation’s Warehouse and Fulfillment to NetSuite with ShipStation 3PL

Outbound Logistics

  • Sales Order or Transfer Order transaction gets generated in NetSuite
  • NetSuite pushes transaction to ShipStation API
  • Pick, Pack, Ship process by ShipStation
  • NetSuite creates Item Fulfillment from ShipStation API.

Sales Orders – NS → ShipStation

Transfer Orders NS-> ShipStation

Item Fulfillment ShipStation -> NetSuite

Other Logistics

Item Master — NS-> ShipStation

Product List — ShipStation-> NS


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ShipStation 3PL Workflows

Automate NetSuite business processes with ShipStation 3PL’s integrations

— Order entry in NetSuite with specific location

— Sync to a specific ShipStation Customer Center

— ShipStation fulfills the order items

— Item Fulfillment record gets created in NetSuite with tracking info

— Other systems get updated with shipment information

Trigger syncs based on Saved Searches, or User Events

View a complete picture of all data in one place, NetSuite

Out of the Box Capabilities

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In8Sync Support

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FINAL POS is natively built for and runs 100% within the client’s NetSuite account.  The Perfect Solution for your NetSuite POS Needs.

In8 B2B Mobile App

The business-to-business SuiteApp allows sales representatives to work directly with, or on behalf of, retailers and wholesalers.