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NetSuite Zapier IntegrationConnect NetSuite and Zapier AutomaticallyZapier and NetSuite Bi-directional Data Sync

Introducing the ONLY Zapier NetSuite Integration,
In8Sync’s Zapier DirectConnect!

Zapier NetSuite Integration

In8Sync’s Zapier NetSuite Integration
is a robust, fully-featured solution
to seamlessly connect NetSuite
workflows with Zapier’s applications.

In8Sync’s unique Zapier DirectConnect
Native NetSuite SuiteApp Bundle
is THE ONLY Built For NetSuite (BFN)
direct integration between Zapier’s
4000+ “one off” apps and NetSuite.

In8Sync’s simple solution bridges the gap
with automatic Full REST API
bi-directional data sync.

No need for a 3rd Party Platform
– aka an Over-Complicated iPaaS.

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No External Platform or iPaaS

bundles offer superior system performance
while dramatically reducing the
TIME and SKILL required to manage;
saving your business MONEY and RESOURCES.

While many other solutions run on an

Expensive External Platform, aka an iPaaS,
In8Sync’s efficient DirectConnect
bundles are natively built into and
fully hosted in NetSuite.

In8Sync’s agile approach allows for
More Money to be re-invested in

New and Improved Products & Features.


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About In8Sync’s Team

                         In8Sync isn’t just a NetSuite Integration Partner, we are Advanced NetSuite Automation Experts.
                         Our global team has been providing NetSuite solutions for over a decade.

                         In8Sync’s seasoned developers, using their deep technical knowledge,
                          expand upon NetSuite’s powerful ERP Cloud design.

Zapier NetSuite
Integration Automation
with In8Sync’s DirectConnect


1-2-3 How to
Connect Zapier and NetSuite
with In8Sync’s DirectConnect

  • 1.   AUTOMATICALLY syncs data between NetSuite and Zapier
  • 2.   CREATES a New NetSuite Record OR UPDATES an Existing NetSuite Record
  • 3.   TRIGGERS next action on Zapier


Problems Solved
with Zapier DirectConnect
by In8Sync

  • INTEGRATE multiple miscellaneous systems connected to NetSuite and Zapier.
  • CONTAIN all real time bi-directional synced data within one centralized and searchable location, NetSuite.
  • ELIMINATE the costly time suck of manual data entry and human error.

In8Sync’s Zapier Integration is hands-free.

If I need to change a setting,

it’s simple to make adjustments myself.”

– Mohsin T
Software Engineer Manager, Sunlighten

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Zapier DirectConnect

  • Automate NetSuite data entry and business processes with Zapier’s easy to use Automation Tools
  • Schedule flows based on Saved Searches
  • Submit data to any NetSuite Record type with Line Item Support
  • Enhance Zapier workflows by creating Custom NetSuite Records with Specific Data Points
  • View a complete picture of all data in one place, NetSuite


Zapier DirectConnect
Out of the Box Capabilities

The Zapier DirectConnect Native NetSuite Bundle acts in NetSuite on Zapier’s behalf, handling all processes within NetSuite.

  • User Licensing
  • Trigger Automation
  • Search
    • Restlets
    • Download Saved Search data from NetSuite – either new rows created or existing rows updated.
    • Find records in NetSuite based upon any criteria configured; the completed records are then returned into Zapier.
    • All returned data can be used with any other Zapier application as needed.
  • Create/Update any record type in NetSuite.
    • Automatic Zapier configuration for all available NetSuite fields.
    • Update existing records using NetSuite’s Internal IDs – found through a search in NetSuite prior to the record update.
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Zapier DirectConnect
Product Info

  • Introducing THE ONLY Native NetSuite Integration Directly Connecting NetSuite and Zapier!
  • Fully Featured Product
  • Prebuilt Zapier Application – Out of the Box Capabilities in NetSuite:
    • Create New NetSuite Records
      • Any NetSuite Record Type
    • Update Existing NetSuite Records
    • Search any NetSuite Record
    • Trigger NetSuite Records
    • Trigger Saved Searches in NetSuite
  • Simple Self Install and Configuration on 7 Day FREE Trial!
  • Self service setup documentation provided.


Zapier DirectConnect
5 Key Features

  1. Fully featured Zap application for NetSuite
    Configure your entire NetSuite integration within Zapier, using triggers, searches, create and update features.
  2. NetSuite Suiteapp bundle for advanced Zapier functions within NetSuite
    The Zapier bundle for NetSuite automatically handles the configuration of triggers, handles advanced searches, returns saved searches accurately and more.
  3. Configured each integration completely within Zapier
    Once the NetSuite bundle is installed and you have been given access to the Zapier application, 100% of the integration process happens as a Zap in your Zapier account. The application talks to the NetSuite bundle to run advanced functions.
  4. Automate Data Fields
    The Zapier application automatically pulls mapping fields from Record Type Forms in NetSuite to pre-populate which fields can be mapped into NetSuite.
  5. Line item support
    When creating or updating transactions into NetSuite, line item data needs to be structure in a certain way on the NetSuite transaction. The Zapier application for NetSuite has support to automatically structure your line item fields with mappings.
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Zapier DirectConnect
5 Key Benefits

  1. Directly Connect 4000+ Zapier Apps with NetSuite.

  2. Eliminate the costly time suck of manual data entry and human error.

  3. No need for an expensive 3rd party platform, or an iPaaS.

  4. All data is synced, real time and bi-directional, stored in one place, NetSuite.

  5. Advanced Configurations with Custom Mappings are designed to fit any Unique Business Requirements.

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Zapier DirectConnect

  • $100 month, billed annually

  • 7 Day FREE Trial

  • Unlimited Zaps and Connections

  • One hour setup training session with In8Sync included with the Zapier DirectConnect bundle.

*Managed Zapier configuration from In8Sync can be provided at additional cost.


Zapier DirectConnect

No coding required – simple self install process.

  • One hour setup training session with In8Sync included with the Zapier DirectConnect bundle.

  • Self service setup documentation provided.


Zapier DirectConnect
Technical Specifications

  • Oauth from Zapier to NetSuite directly

    • Access Tokens (Preferable)

    • Username & Password Support

  • Native NetSuite Bundle

    • SuiteApp downloadable from NetSuite account

  • Zapier Application for In8Sync DirectConnect

    • access must be granted by In8Sync

  • Due to no middleware, Uptime is determined by NetSuite and Zapier speeds

  • Data Fields Pull/Update from NetSuite into Zapier Application

  • Triggers generated in Zapier and managed in NetSuite by SuiteApp bundle

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