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In8Sync is a world-class provider of advanced NetSuite business automation solutions. Our in-house software architects and developers use their deep NetSuite technical expertise to help clients natively and seamlessly integrate applications to extend the NetSuite platforms that run their businesses.

In8Sync specializes in POS and E-commerce integrations, B2B sales applications and advanced NetSuite customizations. In addition, In8Sync offers NetSuite implementation, administration and consulting services.

In8Sync is a certified NetSuite Solution Provider and Select member of the NetSuite SuiteCloud Developer Network.



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With In8Sync, there are no system constraints on the way you choose to do business. Other integration alternatives run on an external middleware platform, but In8Sync’s solutions are natively built into and fully hosted in NetSuite, to offer superior system performance, dramatically reduce the time and skill required to manage the system, and save a lot of money.

In8Sync developers have unparalleled expertise with advanced NetSuite integrations. Having integrated a myriad of applications with NetSuite, In8Sync now focuses on integrating these types of systems with NetSuite: point-of-sale, e-Commerce, B2B sales, CRM, 3PL and EDI.

In8Sync has completed 1000+ customizations for NetSuite clients around the world. Here is a small sample of the breadth of advanced customization work we’ve done: scripting of automation processes, custom user interfaces for CRM and order management, automated scripts to trigger the creation of new record types,  custom workflows for inventory management, auto-delivery functions and much, much more.

In8Sync offers free trial periods on basic installations of Vend POS and WooCommerce integrations with NetSuite.

Once you indicate that you’re ready to go, one of our implementation experts will contact you within 24 hours to discuss and schedule your implementation. Basic installations can be scheduled in 2-5 business days, and several In8Sync solutions can be installed in 1 to 2 hours. Specific installation completion times are dependent on client readiness and project scope.

Vend POS DirectConnect is an approved SuiteApp. In the future, even more In8Sync solutions will be available at SuiteApp.com.

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