SHREDLY Case Study

Company Overview

SHREDLY makes comfortable & stylish multi-sport apparel, designed specifically for women. Based in Carbondale, Colorado, SHREDLY’s mission focuses on pushing the world of women’s adventuring forward. SHREDLY’s founders believe that an adventure truly starts when you are getting dressed for it. Therefore, in an effort to enhance women’s adventuring, SHREDLY designed women’s active-wear that is high-performance, fashionable, and incredibly comfortable.

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The Problem

SHREDLY sells their products through their eCommerce website and manages their product and customer data in their ERP system. These two systems, however, were managed independently of one another, leaving SHREDLY to constantly update and monitor data in two distinct systems. In order to save time and money, SHREDLY wanted the ability to manage their sales, customer, and product data from a single location. Additionally, SHREDLY was prepared to migrate from one eCommerce platform to another, a task that can cause more problems than it solves. In need of integration and automation solutions, SHREDLY partnered with In8Sync.

The Solution

In8Sync provided full Shopify NetSuite integration for SHREDLY, enabling them to manage all of their product and customer data from one central system. Additionally, In8Sync automated all data flows from SHREDLY’s ecommerce system into their ERP system, and vice-versa. In8Sync managed SHREDLY’s ecommerce migration to Shopify, ensuring that all data and operations were seamlessly transferred. Lastly, In8Sync assisted SHREDLY in website and product data automations and customizations, leaving SHREDLY time to focus on what really matters: running their business.

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