LeadAbroad Case Study

Company Overview

LeadAbroad combines the best parts of studying abroad, international service, and backpacking adventures into one holistic, unforgettable summer adventure. LeadAbroad’s mission is to foster transformative experiences, thereby changing lives, impacting communities, and creating a better world. The company’s emphasis on creating sustainable impact differentiates them from other study abroad organizations, making LeadAbroad a values-based pioneer in the industry.

LeadAbroad Logo

The Problem

With thousands of potential student participants coming to LeadAbroad’s website, they needed their website CMS to function as a subscription portal, powered by their eCommerce system. Additionally, LeadAbroad wanted to set up their website CMS as a student information management portal. LeadAbroad wanted to integrate their website and eCommerce data flows with their ERP system so they could manage everything from one, central location. In need of customized solutions, LeadAbroad partnered with In8Sync.

The Solution

In8Sync customized LeadAbroad’s eCommerce to have a portal and trip-planning order workflow. Additionally, In8Sync was able to automate these workflows with LeadAbroad’s ERP system, offering myriad custom field options. The team of expert developers at In8Sync provided Gravity Forms support for LeadAbroad, allowing management syncing to customer records in their ERP system. Lastly, In8Sync built Custom Bank payment Nacha file support.

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