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NetSuite WordPress integration with full retail and wholesale eCommerce support from one, central location in NetSuite. Robust pre-built bundles with advanced customizable add-ons. Complete NetSuite Forms and Gravity Forms support. No external integration platform saves time, money and hassle.

In8Sync WordPress NetSuite Integration


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Benefits of Our WordPress NetSuite Integration Bundle

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NetSuite WordPress DirectConnect Key Features

In8Sync WordPress NetSuite Extension

No 3rd-Party Integration Platform. WordPress DirectConnect is hosted fully within NetSuite, saving you time, money, and hassle

Manage & sync categories using NetSuite website categories. Or manage categories directly within WordPress.

Manage all aspects of NetSuite items with real-time syncing into WordPress. Map & sync essential product data and accounting data from WordPress into NetSuite.

Inventory stock levels sync on a scheduled basis. Update as often as every two minutes.

Create and manage new customers in WordPress or NetSuite. The sync automatically searches, finds or create new customers in NetSuite when a purchase is made on WordPress. Manage and sync customers from NetSuite to WordPress as well.

Create and manage new contacts in WordPress or NetSuite. Contacts are synced automatically between NetSuite and WordPress. Billing and shipping addresses are fully supported. Multiple billing and shipping addresses are also supported with this WooCommerce extension.

Use all your NetSuite forms in WordPress. Manage all form data right in NetSuite. Keeping all your data in one place, as you intended.

Sales orders can sync from WordPress to NetSuite in real-time or on a schedule. Mapping any fields necessary for your custom SO form. Update order statuses from NetSuite to WordPress. Automate the entire sales order process.

Manage promotions in NetSuite by syncing them directly into WordPress in real-time.

Manage coupons and discounts in WordPress auto applying the mapped discount item on the sales orders.

Taxes can often be difficult to align correctly. Let us sync your tax rates from NetSuite directly into WordPress. Or use a tax service in WordPress and sync the calculated amount on the SO to NetSuite.

Use any payment gateway you want in WordPress. Authorize or capture in WordPress. Or, authorize credit cards in WordPress and capture the charge in NetSuite on fulfillment (gateway dependent). All major gateways are supported.

Setup any shipping methods you want in WordPress. Use any shipping calculator plugins, table rate shipping or just standard WordPress methods. All WordPress shipping methods will get mapped to the associated NetSuite shipping method on the sales orders.

Automatically send shipment tracking information back to WordPress from the item fulfillment record.

Do you love your Gravity Forms plugin? Now you can sync Gravity Form submissions directly into NetSuite as leads. This requires the In8Sync Leads plugin and advanced configuration mapping your Gravity Forms fields to the corresponding leads fields in NetSuite.

Use multiple currency from NetSuite items and primary currency from customer records.

Sync full address books from NetSuite to WordPress and allow customers to use and manage multiple addresses from WordPress.

Configure stock level syncs to account for purchase orders, back orders, availability dates and offsets.

Allow contacts to view customer order history from NetSuite. Not just the order they personally place in the website.

Allow customer to place quote requests in WordPress and sync to NetSuite as Estimates/Quotes. Also sync estimate records from NetSuite to WordPress.

As your business requirements entail, automate the creation of cash sales and invoices in NetSuite as necessary.

Sync Stock Levels from multiple NetSuite locations. Combine stock levels or send as custom fields allowing use in shopping cart for custom rules.

Our team of in-house software architects and developers have unparalleled NetSuite experience. Unlike many of our competitors, we focus all of our efforts on integrating and automating systems with NetSuite, making us the most specialized WordPress-NetSuite solutions provider.


NetSuite WordPress DirectConnect starts at $50/month for the Standard bundle, with Advanced and Premium bundles available at $125/month and $200/month, respectively. All bundles are billed annually, and add-ons and advanced features are available with additional fees. 

Add-Ons & Advanced Features

*Add-Ons & Advanced Features The following sync add-ons are priced separately and quoted based upon the amount of time required to configure
Custom Taxonomies Custom taxonomy support for products is available when you must customize WordPress to meet specific requirements.
Estimate Sync Support Use specific WordPress Quote plugins or regular checkout to sync quotes into NetSuite. Only advanced setup time is required.
Forms Support Use all your NetSuite forms in WordPress. Manage all form data right in NetSuite. Keeping all your data in one place, as you intended.
Gravity Forms Support Do you love your Gravity Forms plugin? Now you can sync Gravity Form submissions directly into NetSuite as leads. This requires the In8Sync Leads plugin and advanced configuration mapping your Gravity Forms fields to the corresponding leads fields in NetSuite.
Events Plugin Support Manage events in NetSuite and sell tickets right in WordPress. For organizations that have a lifeblood revolving around events.
Store Locator Map your clients stores who sell your products. Full functioning, top quality store locator in WordPress. All managed in NetSuite.
Subscriptions, Auto Delivery and Multi Payment Support Do you have auto delivery options or recurring subscriptions? You can use a WordPress Subscriptions or Auto Delivery plugin, or use the In8Sync Simple Subscriptions For NetSuite Bundle to fully manage all auto delivery and subscriptions right in NetSuite. Automate the Sales Order Invoice process on multi payment orders.
NetSuite Password Support If you are migrating to WordPress with existing customer that currently login to NetSuite, now you can let them use their NetSuite password to login to WordPress.
Conditional Checkout Options When you have B2B customers, often you need to allow different payment methods during checkout, based upon customer data like credit limits, available credit and holds. You can have us configure these checkout rules based upon your business processes. Additionally, you can offer checkout fields based on customer types. This is often helpful for companies when their sales reps place online orders on the behalf of the customer and additional fields on the NetSuite Sales Order form need to populated or changed.
Purchase Orders For those companies who let their customers sell to them. A purchase order sync is the perfect solution. Additional WordPress configurations necessary.
Vendors When you using purchase orders, you must sync vendors as well. Vendors can get created in NetSuite or WordPress and auto created when selling on the website.
B2B NetSuite Customer Portal in WordPress
  • Multiple price level support
  • Invoices, payments, credit memos
  • Invoice payment support
  • Order history sync
  • Reports
  • Balances, credit limits, available credit
  • Multiple shipment support
  • Reorder feature
WordPress NetSuite Extension

Looking for more info about In8Sync’s NetSuite WordPress integration bundle? Download our WordPress/WooCommerce NetSuite DirectConnect Data Sheet.

What Our Clients Say

We use In8Sync for several e-commerce integrations and advance NetSuite scripting to help automate our business process, and reduce manual labor. We have been so satisfied with their work, we continually have them develop and implement new features in our NetSuite instance.

In8Sync has been our WooCommerce/NetSuite integration lifeline!  Before we found them, we tried one of NetSuite’s very own store modules.  But, it didn’t meet our needs.  Thankfully, these highly skilled experts helped us integrate NetSuite, WooCommerce/WordPress, & our client member site into one seamless customer experience.  Using WooCommerce gave us just the flexibility we needed.  I would recommend this dynamic group to anyone looking to improve the customer’s buying experience.

Originally sub-contracted by a web designer for a sync project. Did such a great job, that when additional changes were needed we reached out. Because they worked so much in the back end of Netsuite, we looked at consolidating vendors for a total cost savings and began utilizing the In8Sync team for all of our Netsuite Development & other ERP related needs.

Cynthia R., Millennium

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