How to Sync Customers from NetSuite to Shopify with In8Sync’s Shopify DirectConnect

Syncing customers from NetSuite to Shopify with Shopify DirectConnect is simple and occurs in real-time. To test and illustrate the customer sync function, follow these 3 steps:

  1. First, Open an Existing Customer in NetSuite (or create a new customer in NetSuite)

Shopify NetSuite Customer Sync Step 1In the navigation bar, select Lists → Relationships → Customers

Shopify NetSuite Customer Sync Step 2To open a customer from your customer list, click “view” on far left of that customer’s row

2. With a Customer Record Now Open in NetSuite, It’s Time to Sync the Customer to Shopify

Shopify NetSuite Customer Sync Step 3

Just click on the “Sync to Shopify” button at the top of the Customer Record

Shopify NetSuite Customer Sync Step 4

You should see a confirmation page like the one above (in this case, NetSuite is confirming that our customer, Mary Demo, has synced to Shopify successfully)

3. To Illustrate the Sync Worked Successfully, Navigate to Your Shopify Website and Open Your Customer List

Shopify NetSuite Customer Sync Step 5

To open your customer list in Shopify, click on the “Customers” tab in the left-hand sidebar

Shopify NetSuite Customer Sync Step 6

Mary Demo appears in our Shopify customer list, illustrating the successful customer sync from NetSuite to Shopify

The customer sync function of In8Sync’s Shopify DirectConnect bundle works bi-directionally between NetSuite and Shopify: not only can you sync customers from NetSuite to Shopify, you can sync customers from Shopify back to NetSuite as well. Syncing customers bi-directionally between NetSuite and Shopify in real-time saves you time by reducing redundancies in your data management. It also prevents inconsistencies in customer data across your systems, a common pitfall of manually syncing your customer data across multiple systems.

In addition to the customer sync feature, key features of the Shopify DirectConnect bundle include:

  • Hosted Within NetSuite

  • Standard Setup

  • Customer Sync

  • Product Sync

  • Stock Level Sync

  • Orders Sync

  • Item Support

  • Shipment Tracking

  • Promotions Support

  • Refund Support

  • Gift Certificate Support

  • Signify Risk Support

  • NetSuite Lead Forms

  • Price Level Support

  • Configurable Mappings

  • Notifications

  • Wholesale Quantity Pricing

  • Multi-Currency Support

  • Bulk Updates

  • Transaction Reconciliation

For more information about our Shopify NetSuite Integration, please visit our Shopify DirectConnect page.

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