WooCommerce NetSuite Customer Integration

Syncing customers to NetSuite with WooCommerce DirectConnect is automated, real-time, and hands-free. To test and illustrate the automated customer sync function, follow these 4 simple steps:

  1. First, Create a New Customer in NetSuite (or edit an existing customer)

WooCommerce Customer Sync Step 1

In the navigation bar, select Lists → Relationships → Customers → New

2. Next, Enter Information for the Customer (Name, Subsidiary, Phone #, Email, etc.)

WooComm Customer Sync Step 2

3. To Finish, Click Save

WooCommerce Customer Sync Step 3

4. Lastly, Navigate To Your WooCommerce Website, and Login Using the Customer’s Credentials

WooCommerce Customer Sync Step 4

Once logged in, it means the customer was automatically synced from NetSuite to WooCommerce via In8Sync’s WooCommerce DirectConnect. For more information about our WooCommerce NetSuite Integration, please visit our WooCommerce DirectConnect page.

In8Sync also offers NetSuite integration bundles for the following products: