In8Sync Support is available following the completion of the agreed upon integration implementation project and the customer is using the software. Upon completion of the implementation project, an introduction to the support team and process will occur. At the point, all communication for support related requests will take place through the customer portal. Use of the case system in the customer portal will ensure the fastest and effective response time.
In8Sync Customer Portal:

Requests for new sites/integrations should be made through the In8Sync Sales team at or +1 (888) 604-4120 Option 1.

What’s included in software support:
– Access to customer portal
– Maintenance of the In8Sync bundle.
– Upgrades – regular upgrades, planned improvements and planned feature enhancements to the In8Sync bundle.
– Patches – work to repair the In8Sync bundle if it is not operating as expected or designed, resulting in incorrect behavior during
normal and expected operations of integrated sites.
– Q/A – answers to simple how to questions.

What is not included and will be billed at the In8Sync Standard Hourly Rate:
– Additional Basic or Advanced configurations, updates, changes, and/or mappings requested by client.
– Due to site and/or environment data changes caused by Client/Project team actions.
– Advanced training, consulting, and data cleanup