Shopify NetSuite Customer Sync

How to Sync Customers from NetSuite to Shopify with In8Sync's Shopify DirectConnect Syncing customers from NetSuite to Shopify with Shopify DirectConnect is simple and occurs in real-time. To test and illustrate the customer sync function, follow these 3 steps: First, Open an Existing Customer in NetSuite [...]

SHREDLY Case Study

SHREDLY Case Study Company Overview SHREDLY makes comfortable & stylish multi-sport apparel, designed specifically for women. Based in Carbondale, Colorado, SHREDLY's mission focuses on pushing the world of women's adventuring forward. SHREDLY's founders believe that an adventure truly starts when you are getting dressed for it. Therefore, in an effort to enhance [...]

Shopify NetSuite Integration Data Sheet

In8Sync provides robust NetSuite and Shopify integration with our DirectConnect product. Shopify DirectConnect is a fully-featured, out-of-the-box solution to natively and seamlessly integrate a company’s NetSuite applications with its Shopify or Shopify Plus e-commerce system. Key features include: Support for all item types and price levels. Stock levels updates. Real-time item/product sync. Search for existing [...]

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