6 Benefits of Integrating Your 3PL with NetSuite.

Searching for a cost-effective and simple solution to integrate your 3PL Partners with NetSuite can feel like a daunting task for any business owner.  Not to worry, there are many options available to you.

You can directly manage all of your data within NetSuite’s powerful cloud database with software like In8Sync’s 3PL DirectConnect or you can learn to manage a 3rd Party Platform or middleware application).  An advantage to working directly within NetSuite is that it is a cost-effective solution to maximize your time and resources, rather than learning a whole new system.  Automatically syncing all your real-time EDI & API data directly to NetSuite rather than using additional software also offers superior system performance, which is crucial when it comes to large volumes of order fulfillments.  Integrating with a middleware application may make sense if you have very low order volume.

Here’s how you can scale with the growing popularity of your products while leveraging your 3PL Partners within NetSuite – all while having real-time full data transparency.  Stay agile while making accurate predictions of future market demands.

1. Automatically integrate all aspects of 3PL data into a single ERP system like NetSuite.

Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Transfer Orders Item Fulfillment, Returns & Inventory Records and Stock Adjustments oh my!

NetSuite is an ERP powerful enough to handle your entire database.  Accurately processing tens of thousands of orders daily without errors will require you to properly manage your EDI & API data flows.  Integrating NetSuite and your 3PL Partner provides transparency of your data while automatically and losslessly syncing ALL of your EDI & API data – eliminating potential entry errors.  This will allow your business to quickly and easily scale as your demand grows.

No longer do you have to spend hours managing all your item fulfillments, item receipts, inventory status, return item receipts, items, sales orders, purchase orders, transfer orders and return authorizations.

Two viable options for automating your 3PL and NetSuite data syncs are learning to use a 3rd Party Platform  or In8Sync’s 3PL DirectConnect.

There are many great companies offering iPaaS services with talented iPaaS developers.  The difference between an external “middleware” software and 3PL DirectConnect is that with 3PL DC you can manage all your EDI & API data installed directly in your NetSuite account.  With an iPaaS, you learn a new program to manage your data flows using an Integration Platform as a Service.  3PL DC comes with Out-of-the-Box functionality to handle all your EDI & API data flows, yet is flexible enough to be easily tailored to your specific business needs.

2.  Keep Your Transaction Records Updated with EDIs & APIs – no matter the volume.

Using software to automate your 3PL with NetSuite allows you to PUSH and PULL real-time records between your 3PL Partner and NetSuite using data packets called EDIs and APIs.  Your perfectly synced data provides visibility of your inventory status and orders from your eCommerce stores linked with NetSuite.  How to link your eCommerce stores with NetSuite.

There are many iPaaS options for your company, which work wonderfully on smaller scales.  Keep in mind that large quantities of orders may cause 3rd party platforms systems to lag or even crash.  This can be avoided by integrating directly with NetSuite – you will be able to track every transaction regardless of how many entries you receive.  Automatically syncing all your real-time EDI & API data directly to Netsuite also offers superior system performance, which is crucial when it comes to large volumes of order fulfillments.

In8Sync’s 3PL DirectConnect software bundle is designed to be completely managed within NetSuite – no need to learn or manage costly external software.

3.  Automate Your Support System

Let the data be managed by the software, not you.  Fixing system errors can be costly in time and resources, which is not ideal for any expanding businesses.  Automating your workflows within NetSuite eliminates issues with tracking all your EDI data between your NetSuite database and your 3PL Partner.  Allow troubleshooting issues to be an easy fix rather than an unwelcome chore.  All of In8Sync’s DirectConnect bundles come with 100% managed support – we monitor your integrations and automations, solving issues the moment they arise, saving you time and leaving you worry-free.

4.  Predict the growing demands for your products.

When it comes to production management, NetSuite’s powerful and comprehensive ERP database allows you to monitor your entire operation from sales orders to order processing, scheduling, fulfillment & product costs.

You also have at your disposal Material Requirements Planning (MRP) a NetSuite planning tool that can automate your inventory management, stocks, and checks the supply before fulfilling order entries.

5.  Easier Access to your Data in NetSuite’s cloud.

Since NetSuite is a cloud-based ERP, it is accessible on any device regardless of your location.  NetSuite promotes collaboration for all your 3PL data – item fulfillments, item receipts, inventory status, return item receipts, items, sales orders, purchase orders, transfer orders and return authorizations with your 3PL Partners.  In addition to your EDI & API data, NetSuite’s ERP is also powerful enough to handle all your company’s B2B, CRM, eCommerce and POS data.  You can regularly monitor your real-time data, keeping you free to run your business from anywhere.

6.  Promote Data Transparency and Accuracy

Keeping your data up-to-date and accurate prevents downtime in your business workflows.  Have the freedom for higher-level decision making to streamline your business.  You no longer need to get bogged down in the day-to-day from managing your 3PL Partner and all the hassles that come with them.  Automate your data flows to sync directly within NetSuite, so you can stay at the helm of your business with all the knowledge you need to make leadership decisions for your company.

As your eCommerce company grows, you may quickly find the need to optimize the scaling of your 3PL operations within NetSuite.  You can no longer keep up with manually entering all of your data to track your item fulfillments, item receipts, inventory status, return item receipts, items, sales orders, purchase orders, transfer orders and return authorizations.  Manual data entry is prone to errors and never perfectly synced.  Who has the time?

Making that leap into automation will be beneficial for your company’s continued growth!  This is why finding the right software for your company to automatically integrate your 3PL Partners with your powerful NetSuite ERP has considerable appeal. You just want to save time and money, and get back to running your business.  There are many iPaaS options available to your company as well as a direct integration.  Remember to have fun while you are choosing which is right for you, you are in a lucky place of growth!

Consider In8Sync’s 3PL DirectConnect

In8Sync’s 3PL DirectConnect bundle comes with Out-of-the-Box functionality, which can be easily tailored to your NetSuite integration.  It allows for multiple 3PL Partners while automating every EDI & API data flow based on your system requirements.

Key Features for 3PL DirectConnect:
  1. Manage ALL 3PL Data Flows 100% in NetSuite
  2. Automatically Sync your 3PL Data with EDI – Eliminating Entry Errors
  3. Accommodate any Transfer Protocol – SFTP, API, EDI, XML, CSV, JSON + more
  4. Pre-Built with Out-of-the-Box Integration Framework for hundreds of 3PLs
  5. Easily Tailored to any 3PL Partner Requirements
  6. Multiple 3PL Partners Supported with Lossless Data Syncs
  7. No Need to Learn An Unfamiliar System
  8. Fully Managed Support from In8Sync at No Additional Cost
  9. Data is Securely Accessible in NetSuite’s Cloud

Why Choose In8Sync for Your NetSuite Integration?

In8Sync is a Certified NetSuite Developer creating NetSuite integration solutions for businesses for over 10 years.  Headquartered in Grand Junction, CO, we have a global team of Advanced NetSuite Developers with deep knowledge of NetSuite’s inner-workings.  In8Sync is NetSuite-centric, working exclusively 100% within NetSuite as an advanced automation partner.

With over a dozen NetSuite integrations, our DirectConnect bundles offer automatic secure syncing of real-time data into NetSuite – eliminating costly data entry errors.  All of our DirectConnect bundles come with Out-of-the-Box functionalities to handle all your data flows, easily tailored to your specific business needs.  We also have the ability to customize any of our DirectConnect bundles within NetSuite.

Reach out to us today to discuss how our DirectConnect bundles have Out-of-the-Box functionalities, which can be easily tailored to your needs – or how we can customize a unique solution for your business.

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